Military Storage in Beaufort, SC

Short & Long Term Storage Options

Proudly Serving Our Military

Moving is part of living a military life. In fact, most military families relocate every two to four years. Moves are usually due to changes in base assignments or tours of duty. Unfortunately, the military lifestyle makes finding a place for your belongings difficult.

If you want to serve your country and keep your belongings safe, then Store & Go Self Storage in Beaufort, SC is the right choice for you and your family.

Storage is a smart choice for military & veteran members when:

They move frequently. Military members can use storage when they are moving from one base to another. If there’s a short lapse in housing, you will still have room for all of your things.

They want to save money during high cost of living assignments. Those who are on assignments where housing is more expensive can use storage to expand their livable space while sticking to a budget.

They need a place for their car. When military members are deployed, they sometimes need to leave a car behind. It is very common for members of the military to use auto storage when they are serving overseas.

The team at Store & Go Self Storage wants to thank all military personnel, who fight for and defend our freedoms.